BPL/PLC and Energy Saving

Innovation and Flexibility
BPL/PLC and Energy Saving

Power Line Communications and Broadband over Power Lines is a technology that uses power lines as a transmission medium. BPL technology requires no new cabling infrastructure, because of the extensive existing power distribution network. Reliable broadband communication networks that collect information on the grid itself to optimize its operation or facilitate other higher tier functions are the essense of Smartgrid applications. The concept of Smart Cities is interwoven with Smartgrid applications and the general trend toward the Internet of Things (IoT).

BPL/PLC technology provides a low cost flexible and reliable alternative solution for interconnecting remote sites and monitor installations, such as solar parks or wind farms, which are usually installed in remote areas, where an alternative to common telecommunication solutions is preferred.

BPL technology using the new chipset can reach between nodes at speeds up to 500 Mbps and supporting even the most demanding applications.

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